I have a children's book called, "Ruby in Her Own Time".  It's about a duckling that was the last to hatch and the last to swim; but in the end, Ruby caught up with her siblings.  I feel that's a bit like me.  I had no idea what to study after high school so I went and did a secretarial course. I've worked as a PA and when the kiddos came along (3 in 2 years), I stopped working for others and was a full time mum.  My hubby & I left South Africa to spend a few years working overseas and are currently based in Dubai.

I have always loved photography and can often be caught expressing: "that would make a great photo!". As our kids grew up and started school, I photographed them - my treasures.  Finally when my son was in Year 6 I started shooting more seriously and by the end of 2016 turned pro. I am now part of the Corporate Affair Event Manangement LLC team and am loving shooting sports, events and portraits.

Camera gear is extremely expensive and I have invested thousands of hours and dirhams into my profession;  educationally, in the field and upgrading my gear.  I make no apology for digitally autographing each image I share on my website or on social media sites.  I love my digital signature, and viewers get to know who the photographer is.

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